Konrad, Gunter / Konrad, Ursula
Asmat - Myth and ritual the inspiration of art
Book I in slipcase (english edition)
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Have all primitive peoples of the world today hardly a chance of survival over the so-called destructive destructive so-called civilization? The Asmat of Irian Jaya (Indonesia) show that this general situation description also allows for exceptions.
The book "Asmat, Myths and Rituals, Inspiration of Art" reports on the power of human development. From the title page of the book to the photo on the back, the sheet spans over the Asmat within a single generation, from the living conditions of a pristine New Age primitive people (graffiti drawing cover picture) to the study of books and active participation in this book get your own culture (back).

Photographs on myths and cults prove traditional lifestyles that reveal contentually surprising parallels and identities to our own culture, religious-philosophical concepts and artistic aspects.
With the Asmat, we experience where religious ideas are rooted and how they accompany people. In dealing with the rapid change in life requirements, art enables a standardization in the structure of values. It is not only capable of perceiving change, but also changes perceptions. In an almost experimental meticulousness, the Asmat's art seeks new realities to be recognized, perhaps even more differentiated perspectives, the wide space of the individual, his integration into life and his conception of it, no, not immediately comprehensible, but only arguable do.

Publisher: Erizzo Editrice, Venice 1995
© Gunter and Ursula Konrad
456 pages, 652 mostly colored illustrations
Hardcover in embossed linen.